Three Routine Refrigerator Problems You Can Expect To Encounter


A malfunctioning refrigerator can be a serious problem for a homeowner to have to handle. When your refrigerator starts to fail, you could suffer the spoilage of any food in the unit, and you may increase your risks of contracting a foodborne illness. Despite refrigerators being essential appliances for modern homes, it is a frequent issue for individuals to be unprepared for some of the issues their refrigerator will be likely to experience.

24 December 2018

4 Things To Know About Getting Your Appliances Fixed


If you have an appliance that is experiencing an issue, you don't want to keep using the appliance if it is not working properly. You want to get the appliance repaired right away. This will save the appliance from further wear and tear and ensure that you are not harmed by a malfunctioning appliance. Look into Your Warranty Coverage The first thing that you are going to want to do is look into your warranty coverage.

30 September 2018

How To Test A Dryer Timer


If your dryer isn't advancing, a faulty dryer timer could be the reason. The timer rotates the cam switches through the gear set telling the dryer when to start and finish a cycle, which subjects the motor to high electrical surges causing the contacts to wear. Before you replace the dryer timer, test it to ensure it is the malfunctioned part. Prepare to Test the Timer You will need a towel, a Phillip's screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, and a multimeter.

25 May 2018

An Appliance Guide


If you need to replace one or more of your home appliances, then you may be thinking of trying to save yourself some upfront money and going with used appliances. They are easy enough to find, as you can find ads for used appliances online, on local billboards, and in the local papers. However, you should consider the following benefits of going with brand new appliances over purchasing used ones from a private party:

25 January 2018