How To Test A Dryer Timer


If your dryer isn't advancing, a faulty dryer timer could be the reason. The timer rotates the cam switches through the gear set telling the dryer when to start and finish a cycle, which subjects the motor to high electrical surges causing the contacts to wear. Before you replace the dryer timer, test it to ensure it is the malfunctioned part.

Prepare to Test the Timer

You will need a towel, a Phillip's screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, and a multimeter. Disconnect the dryer cord and turn off the power from the breaker box or fuse box. Locate the dryer timer on top or rear of the control panel, which is commonly the largest dial with several numbers. 

Access the Timer Motor

Lay a towel at the base of the control panel to prevent it from getting scratched. Detach the screws on the ends of the control panel with a Phillips screwdriver to access the motor and set them aside. Raise the panel and roll it to the back.

The timer has a number of wires connected to it with two larger wires, which supply the power. Remove the power leads from the contacts on one of the two larger wires with the needle-nose pliers, and pull the connector, but not the wire to avoid damaging it. 

Test the Timer 

Raise the control panel and turn the setting to "Normal Dry". Look for a wiring diagram located on the back of the unit, inside the cabinet or control panel, which tells the correct Ohms range, and what contacts should be open or closed.

Move the scale on the multimeter to read Rx1, and zero the multimeter by touching two probes together. Set the dial on the multimeter to read "0". Touch one probe to the terminal where you removed the wire and the second probe to any other contact on the timer.

You should get a reading between 2000 and 3000 OHMs or in the range of the suggested reading on the diagram. If contacts open when they should be closed or closed when they should be open based on the diagram, or you get a reading out of range, replace the timer. Open contacts should read OL (Open Loop) and closed contacts should read 0.

To test the motor, turn the timer to "OFF', which should make the motor contacts open. In any other position, the contacts on the time motor should be open.  

Remove the timer by detaching the remaining wires, noting how they connect, and remove the console screws to release the knob from the dryer. Replace the timer with the same model or a universal model, which works the same. For more information on washer and dryer repair, contact your local repair experts. 


25 May 2018

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