Three Routine Refrigerator Problems You Can Expect To Encounter


A malfunctioning refrigerator can be a serious problem for a homeowner to have to handle. When your refrigerator starts to fail, you could suffer the spoilage of any food in the unit, and you may increase your risks of contracting a foodborne illness. Despite refrigerators being essential appliances for modern homes, it is a frequent issue for individuals to be unprepared for some of the issues their refrigerator will be likely to experience.

Leaking Water

Water leaking out of the base of the refrigerator is a problem that can lead to major water damage to the floor and wall near the unit. This issue can occur due to there being a leak in the components that control the automatic ice maker. However, a refrigerator does not need to have this feature to experience moisture leaks. Thawing frost in the freezer can leak out of the unit and general condensation can also lead to large amounts of water forming in the unit. While a refrigerator will a drainage pan to collect this moisture, it can become clogged or filled.

Humming Noises

Your refrigerator is a highly complicated device that has many different moving parts in it. In particular, there is a compressor and pump system that can circulate the refrigerant through the system to help it remove heat from inside the refrigerator. As these components age, they can start to create humming noises when they are running. This is an early indication that the unit is needed prompt repairs or a professional servicing. Failure to quickly addressing a refrigerator that is making humming sounds can put you in a position where your unit may fail and ruin anything in it.

Musty Or Other Foul Smells

It can be easy to assume that any of the foul smells or odors that are in your refrigerator are due to the food that was being stored in the unit. However, you may find that your refrigerator's interior still smells foul after thoroughly cleaning it. This can be due to mold growing in the cooling system of the refrigerator. In addition to making your refrigerator smell bad, the spores from this mold can contaminate the food in the refrigerant and make you sick. If you notice odors coming from your refrigerator, it will need to be professionally cleaned and sanitized. Attempting to disassemble the refrigerator to clean and sanitize its internal components yourself can put you at risk of injury as well as increase the risks of the refrigerator being damaged. Only professional refrigerator repair technicians should be allowed to disassemble key components of the unit.

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24 December 2018

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