Repairing Your Malfunctioning Washer


When your washing machine encounters problems, it can be a very disruptive and damaging appliance problem for your home. Fortunately, there are washer repair services that can visit your home to complete the necessary repairs.

Major Leaks

Major leaks can be one of the most serious problems that your home's washer will potentially experience. When these leaks form, they can cause the home to suffer severe water damage. These leaks can form when there is a rupture in the primary water supply or drain line for the system. Ruptures are not the only cause for this problem, as it can also be possible for these lines to start to loosen and allow large amounts of water to leak out. In many instances, the repairs for these particular problems will be extremely affordable, but they should be completed by a professional to be sure that this work is correctly completed. Otherwise, it could be easy for you to fail to adequately secure these connections to stop them from coming loose.

Clogged Drains

Your washer will need to be able to drain large amounts of water. Unfortunately, it is possible for lint and other debris to actually clog the drain of the washer. This could prevent the water from being able to effectively drain out of the unit. As a result, your clothing may be excessively wet when you remove it from the washer. Removing these items from the drains can be harder than you may have expected due to these items being able to get lodged deep in the drain line for the washer. These obstructions can allow the clog to worsen as it can trap lint, dirt, and other substances.

Excessive Rocking

Over the course of washing your clothing, you may notice that the washer is starting to rock back and forth excessively during the course of the cleaning cycle. This is a problem that can increase the risk of the supply or drain lines detaching from the unit, and they can cause mechanical damage to the unit. Excessive rocking can be the result of the motor for the washer coming out of alignment or the system otherwise becoming unbalanced. If adjusting the distribution of the clothing in the washer does not correct this issue, you might need to invest in having a repair service work on the washer. Otherwise, the rocking problem is likely to continue to worsen until it causes more significant problems with the appliance.

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10 January 2022

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