Common Electric Range Problems And Solutions


Electric range tops are a convenient option for most homes because you don't need to worry about incoming gas lines, gas leaks, or similar hazards. However, even electric range tops are not impervious to malfunctions, problems, and the need for repairs. Here's a look at some of the most common issues you might encounter with your electric range top and tips to know when those problems necessitate an appliance repair technician.

No Power

If you turn on your range top only to discover that the indicator lights don't come on and there's no power to the appliance, there are a few potential causes that you can resolve yourself. First, make sure that the range is plugged in. Then, check that the breaker to your range top hasn't tripped. You can try resetting the breaker to see if it restores power.

If these steps don't resolve the power problem, you should reach out to a range repair technician. They can isolate the internal components that are causing the problem and repair or replace them.

No Heat

If you turn on a burner and the range top turns on but the burner doesn't heat up, it's a pretty good bet that the problem is isolated to the burner. This is especially true if your other burners are working. 

The first thing you should do is to turn off the range top, pull the burner out of the socket, and check the coils. The coils should be clean and free of any debris, corrosion, or other particles. Then, reinsert the burner into the socket. Try turning it on again, and see if the burner heats up. If it doesn't, you should reach out to a range repair technician to determine the source of the problem.

No Temperature Control

When your range top is functioning as it should, you can turn on the burner and adjust the heat level by adjusting the setting on the burner knob. However, sometimes you'll find that your burner turns on, but it only produces one level of heat no matter how you adjust the burner knob.

There are a few internal switches that contribute to temperature regulation for electric burners. You'll need to work with a range repair technician to test the switches and replace the one that is malfunctioning. It's best not to try to do this yourself because the internal components can be susceptible to damage if not properly handled.


21 April 2021

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