Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your Front Loading Machine


No matter what type of washing machine you have, it's important to keep it cleaned and maintained in order for it to do it's job properly and efficiently. Most newer machines actually have a clean washer cycle that helps clean your machine for you. You can add bleach to the detergent bin, or add a cleaning pack specifically made for cleaning your machine. If you don't have this cycle, you can still clean your machine yourself. See below for tips on how to clean and maintain your front loading machine.

Cycle It Empty

Just because your machine doesn't have a "clean washer" option doesn't mean you can't cycle it while it's empty to help clean it up. Use bleach in the detergent bin, or you can invest in a cleaning pack to clean your machine, or you can even use vinegar to help clean up your machine. The vinegar will help remove scale and calcium that has built up, as well as remove mildew and any foul odors in your machine. Put the vinegar in the regular detergent bin—be sure to use white vinegar. It will smell like vinegar, but at least it will be clean.

Wipe Down The Inside

After cycling your machine empty to clean it out, you may still notice some dirty spots inside, such as around the seal, door, or inside the rubber gasket. Wipe down the inside wash tub using white vinegar (or bleach), then wipe the seal, door, and finally the rubber gasket. This gasket will get really filthy. Wipe down the outside, then pull it back to wipe down the inside portion (you may even find a sock or two inside there). 

Remove Clogs

You could have a clog in your washer without even knowing about it. Think about how often you've washed clothing and found money lying inside your machine. Some of those coins may have gotten washed away and can be lying inside your drain or pump in the machine. When those coins (and other objects) build up, it can cause your machine to smell and can cause it to back up or not drain out water properly. Turn off the power to your machine. Then open up the bottom access panel of your machine and look inside the drain hose. Then look at the pump and pump filter. Clean the screen on the pump filter by rinsing it under hot water and remove any objects you see there. Put it all back together when finished. Every machine is different, so you may want to look at your manufacturer's booklet to see where these are in your machine.

Cleaning and maintaining your font loading machine will help ensure your clothes are being cleaned thoroughly and properly. Contact a professional repairperson from a company like Affordable Appliance Repair for help getting to the inside of your machine for a more thorough cleaning if you are unsure about doing this yourself.


7 April 2017

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