Tips To Care For A Walk-In Freezer And Refrigerator


Your restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store's walk-in freezer and walk-in refrigerator are two of the most important appliances in the kitchen. A well-maintained walk-in freezer and refrigerator is your first line of defense against bacteria that leads to food spoilage and food-borne pathogens. Here are a few simple tips to help ensure your walk-ins remain functional and keep your restaurant's perishable food safe.

Perform Regular Cleanings

Cleaning the inside of your walk-in freezer and refrigerator, as well as other components, ensures the freezer runs efficiently and what is stored inside remains fresh. Clean the inside walls with a mixture of a gentle cleanser and water. Specialty freezer and refrigerator cleaners are available as well.

Do not use any harsh, abrasive cleansers or bleach. These will cause damage and can leave behind residue that is unsafe for food and your employees.

Wipe down the inside of the walls and shelving with the water mixture. Sweep and mop the flooring as well. You can use the same mixture to clean the flooring as the walls and shelving. Clean up spills and messes on the shelving, flooring, and walls immediately with a commercial cleanser or the soapy water mixture as well.

Clean the condenser coils at least two to three times each year with soapy water and a plastic scrub brush. If the condenser coils are covered with dust and other debris, vacuum them off before using the plastic brush. Contact a professional to clean out the drain lines. Over time, drain lines can become severely clogged should be removed and clean a few times each year.

Maintain the Door Gaskets

The door gaskets surrounding the freezer and refrigerator are integral to maintain the walk-in unit's temperature. Clean the gaskets every few weeks with a mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and water. Never use ammonia, bleach, or harsh, abrasive cleaners on the rubber gaskets. Use a toothbrush to access the gasket's hard to reach areas.

Wipe down the gaskets with a clean cloth after cleaning to remove any excess water. An appliance technician will check the door gaskets during the yearly inspection. If there is serious damage to the gaskets or a severe mold infestation, the technician may recommend having the gaskets replaced.

Properly cleaning and maintaining your walk-in freezer and walk-in refrigerator will help protect the food inside from contamination. If you have any further questions, contact an appliance repair service center for more information.


2 August 2019

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